"Actually, I have a spot of look-out duty for you..." -RGB
Watcher is an owl-like character seen in the Market, first introduced in Chapter 11, on page 196. While Watcher's name does not appear thus far anywhere in the comic, it was confirmed by Mod's tags on his introductory update tumblr post.[2]

Story Edit

We first meet Watcher when they are solicited by RGB to keep an eye on Click, and accepted the monster's hand as payment for the job.

Watcher later reappeared in Chapter 14 (page 261) to notify RGB of Click's approach, and was then paid a button and given the monster's cane in order to position it correctly for RGB's escape/distraction plan.

Watcher reappears to alert RGB and Hero of an approaching Click on page 280, albeit somewhat redundantly seeing as how Click had just fired an explosive at the two.

Personality Edit

Little is known about Watcher's personality, however, he does appear to be a very quiet and direct creature who takes his job seriously.

Appearance Edit

Watcher's design influences have been mentioned on Mod's blog before, however, this editor cannot find the post. As the comic progressed, Watcher has gained a foot (RGB's former hand) and pupils for his eyes (RGB's sleeve-buttons)[3]. The "eye" spots present on his wings will actually change depending on what Watcher is looking at.

His speech bubbles are a pale pink, with a darker reddish outline. He appears to speak in clipped sentences and prefers to communicate non-verbally, or if he must speak, briefly.

References Edit

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