"Pray tell, what is going on here?"

Tinker is an employee of Miss Cell-Any's Emporium, first introduced in Chapter 12 ("Wardrobe") of the comic. The Hero is shown to like him from first glance as she loves bugs[2], and promptly hugs him on sight. He is the co-worker of Cell and Tailor.

Personality Edit

Tinker is an intelligent yet practical fellow. Delicate, neat, and particular, and both hard-working and polite. He likes carpentry and mechanics and has a dry, witty sense of humor.[3]

Appearance Edit

In-comic Edit

Tinker is a monster resembling a preying mantis, who possesses various basic tools for arms and legs. He is neatly-dressed, wearing a waistcoat and a tie.


A mantis, made man

Human Edit

Mod was prompted to post a reference of Tinker as a human. From this, we get not only a design, but also several notes on his personality. Later, RGB confirmed that Tinker had once been a Hero,[4] meaning this human form may have been canonical.

Human!Tinker dresses much the same as his monster counterpart, with the addition of a pair of round glasses and pencil tucked behind his ear. He is a butler by profession, and keeps a rail-straight posture of 6'3". He is forty-some years old and of Japanese descent.[3]

Dialogue Edit

His speech bubbles are pale yellow and rectangular, and are connected to him via straight lines. Tinker speaks exclusively in Morse Code, which Hero remarks"sound like typing".[5]

Morse Code Translations Edit

Page 215 Edit

  • “Pray tell, what is going on here?”
  • “A bug?”
  • “Oh, it’s you”
  • “Gracious me”

Page 216 Edit

  • “You poor thing”
  • “Which one?”
  • “As you wish”
  • “Here, Miss”

Page 218 Edit

  • "Very droll"
  • "Yes, Miss Cell"
  • "Very good, Miss Cell"

Page 229 Edit

  • "You are most kind."
  • "I imagine so, Miss."

Page 230 Edit

  • "My deepest apologies"

Page 231 Edit

  • "Possibly, Sir."
  • "Indeed, Sir?"
  • "Sorry, Sir."
  • "But I am incorrigible, Sir."

Page 234 Edit

  • "Kind of you to say, Sir."

Page 235 Edit

  • "I hope Sir is satisfied with the outcome?"

Page 236 Edit

  • "Indeed, Miss?"

Page 255

  • "Delighted to, miss."

Trivia Edit

  • His Hogwarts house would be Ravenclaw[6]

References Edit

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