One of the many concepts who, in The World of Make Believe, is in fact a person. Originally referenced to by RGB[1] and Dial,[2] and in the form of puns, Time was later introduced in Chapter 19: Inbetweens.

He is implied to have been a former partner/ally of Hate, but is not any longer.[1] The reason for this is currently unknown, but it is implied from the line referencing him forgiving her that she may have been the one at fault, or may have had to do with his difficulty in keeping secrets.[3]

Personality Edit

Little is known about Time's personality, other than what we're given by RGB and Dial. it is possible he may like puns, but it is also possible this is just RGB and Dial. His body language, and some of Mod's early sketches, indicate he may be nervous.

Appearance Edit

Time is a lanky gray rabbit, patterned with black stripes going through circles on each of his sides and large ears. His head has two blue-flamed candles on top, one of which has burned to a stump.

Dialogue Edit

His dialogue is a simple black box, with clock-hands serving the balloon tail. He rolls on top of a large white glowing ball, which may be the moon.

Trivia Edit

  • It is entirely possible that Time being represented by a rabbit is another Alice in Wonderland reference, which would not be the first in the comic.
  • It is also possible that he may also be a reference to Moon Rabbit from Asian folklore, since his ball looks very lunar.

References Edit

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