"Be wise."
A character whose intentions are as of yet unknown.

Story Edit

The butterfly is first introduced at the end of the first chapter (page 17), where it makes conversation with Hero while RGB is still sleeping, and warns her to be wise before flying away.

It next appears on page 86 as Hero kneels by the sobbing Idea, and reminds her of its earlier words, along with saying that the journey and descisions ahead are not RGB's.

A shadow of wings is briefly seen on page 131, as RGB and Hero drift to sleep in the tree.

The butterfly is next as a shadow of wings on page 167, and then is seen to land on Hero's open schism as she reconsiders her trust in RGB. It flies away in seeming agitation after she reconciles that she trusts the other monsters she has met along the way, who in turn trust RGB.

Appearance Edit

The butterfly's wings are a simple pattern of light grey at the bottom and dark grey at the top. The top halfs of the wings also possess markings resembling eyes. It was originally created to resemble a friendly giver of advice, who coincidentally could also be a mustached old mentor.[1]

Its speech bubbles are oval and lavender, connected by simple if squiggly lines. The text of its words is white, and of a different font than our protagonists.

Trivia Edit

  • Modmad's "About me" page on her website contains the phrase "Do not trust butterflies" in reversed writing[2] (above the stain above "Field Notes"). It is currently unknown whether or not this is in reference to the character.

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