"Here we are. Mind your eyes now, they'll have become used to the dark." -RGB
The Black Market is a location deep under The Sea of Limen. Protected by the forest, the water, and the surrounding darkness, it is described by RGB as the one safe place in all the world.[1]

Appearance Edit

The Black Market is constructed as a circular labyrinth of different shops, where monsters barter concepts and parts of themselves. It would be dark, if not for the lights strung everywhere. Miss Cell-Any's Emporium resides as a carousel at the center of the labyrinth. Several gates (source/number needed) rim the edges to provide several different exits back into the rest of the world. The Green gate has, it seems, been destroyed due to the absence of The Forest of Wisdom supporting the surrounding sea.[2]

Properties Edit

The Market is surrounded on all sides by the Sea of Limen. If a resident of the Market should breach this barrier, they would be dissolved to nothing but thought.[3] Several gates border the outside of the Market, allowing safe passage outside through the sea.

Laws Edit

The market appears to have a very "eye for an eye" attitude in both bargains and legality. The punishment for the damage caused by Click, presumably the accidental dissolving of two residents, was death by the same means.[4]

For all of RGB's damage, his punishment was merely banishment, with Hero appointed as his guardian.[5]

Inhabitants Edit

The Marketplace is filled with many monsters, who seek it out for the protection it offers, and the opportunity that they may complete themselves there. It's residents are, in fact, revealed to be unmade characters, or characters without stories, who will remain until they are either complete and "realized", or run out of inspiration and lost forever.

Trivia Edit

  • The Marketplace contains numerous Character Cameos. OCs of people who suscribed to a high enough tier of Mod's Patreon, OCs of prominent fandom members, and so far the only in-comic appearance of Magnus. It also contains cameos of Modmad's other characters.
  • Cell's merry-go-round was a once-beloved ride that had broken down, and was taken away for scrap. It's memory was strong enough however to find a new home in the Market.[6]
  • Our protagonists have been inside the Black Market since the beginning of Chapter 11, and despite brief detours to dreams and Dial, nearly one third of the comic thus far has been spent in this location, longer than anywhere else yet encountered. They have finally left as of Chapter 16.

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