"Well? What heinous crime has been committed this time?"
Tailor is an employee of Miss Cell-Any's Emporium, introduced on page 213 in Chapter 12: Wardrobe. They uphold a stern and strict attitude in terms of their work.

Personality Edit

Tailor is described as daring, yet philosophical. They like to tease people and break rules. They are also very loyal to their friends, and willing to take big risks for them. They are 'hard to read' at times[5].

Appearance Edit

In comic Edit

They have a wire dress form body, with bandages making up their arms and head, and a purple and pink dress with a golden tape measure around their waist. They have tailor equipment attached to themselves, such as pins and scissors, and wears a hat with a button with the same color scheme.

Human tailor

Human Tailor

Human Edit

Similarly to Tinker, Modmad also posted a reference of Human!Tailor, and was one of RGB's former Heroes.[6] They were confirmed to be genderfluid, as well as being French-Iranian. They are in their mid-30s,[7] their height is 5' 0", and their profession is "fashion designer".

Speech bubble Edit

Their speech bubbles are a dark purple, similar to their dress, and wavy, with sharp edges as well as sharp lines which link them

Trivia Edit

  • Their Hogwarts house would be Slytherin[8]

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