"Oh, hell. It's the idiot box."
TOby (Pronounced "Too-bee", not "Toe-bee")[1] is first introduced in page 50 of Chapter 3: Soft Focus. He has a liking for making cunning comebacks, but mostly remains reluctant to engage in pleasant small talk. As a doll, he is unable to move, so the wind often ends up pushing his upper body to the ground.

Story Edit

Pre-comic Edit

TOby was once one of RGB's "Heroes",[2] but no longer since being torn into twenty pieces and then stitched back together with his own nerves, presumably for resisting "Her", and then set up to watch over the Endless Deep.

In-comic Edit

Hero and RGB find TOby having fallen over at his post while the two sought out the Ferryman. Hero quickly propped him back up before setting off to build a bridge of books, while RGB subjected him to a series of time-related puns. He questions RGB's dedication to his task, reminding him of his own fate, and then warns Hero she will not survive as she leaves.

TOby is next seen reacting to the restored sun in the sky, and then is promptly knocked over by the wind again. Dial later comes to confront him for "lying down on the job", and informing him he's going to be relocated. He offers the doll the chance to "give up", which TOby jokingly accepts and then refuses, before then dropping him into the abyss.

TOby is currently still falling[3] from the drop when we saw him last.

Appearance Edit

He has purple hair, a brown stitched shirt and orange shorts. Underneath, he has green and black striped arms and legs, which attach to brown mitten-like hands and rectangular feet. He is unable to change his expression, and has a permanent wide eye smile. His pupils, however, can move freely to gaze at his surroundings.

Speech Bubble Edit

He has a wispy lime green speech bubble, with no distinguished edges. Modmad's voicecanon for him is a Jamaican accent.[4]

I especially love his smile

Human Edit

We have very little information about the human TOby, other than that he is Jamaican, extremely deadpan (intensified by his sunglasses),[5] and possesses a build described as "bara as hell".[6]

Trivia Edit

  • As TOby is a ragdoll set up on a ledge made of books, he is literally a toy on a bookshelf.[7]
  • Participating in a meme, Mod stated that TOby smells like "that toy you hugged so much as a kid that it started to smell like you"[8]
  • His Hogwarts house would be Hufflepuff.[9]

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