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Analysis/Meta Edit

Tarot card representation Edit

His card is officially titled "The Magician", but according to Mod, his pose also references "The Hanged Man".[1] It goes without saying both of these will likely play strongly into his role in the coming pages.

The Hanged Man Edit

This card can represent self-sacrifice, martyrdom, or a misleading appearance of helplessness. (via Quapleulia)

Theories/Predictions/Headcanon Edit

RGB was never a real human Edit

The blonde-haired man, occasionally drawn by ModMad and wearing RGB's clothes, is not, in fact, RGB. RGB as we know him never existed in the real world, but was instead truly just a "character", created by the blonde actor as his stage persona. The means by which RGB "died", seeming to be a clothes-iron to the face, may not have been entirely lethal for the actor, but certainly ended his career, which left his persona with no way to be Realized into the real world and thus killing him. The reason he still "exists" at all is that the inspiration remained, or perhaps the audience has by some means kept him alive through memory.

RGB will die by the end of the comic Edit

He's the deuteragonist, but not the hero. A coward, who has been shown to grow attached. It is of this user's guess that in order to save the world, save The Hero, or complete his own personal arc, he must come to willingly accept his own demise.

References Edit