"Are you a monster?"
"The very worst one."
"You don't look like a monster."
"That's how you can tell."
RGB is the second main character of The Property of Hate, being the first character created for the comic and appearing along with the Hero on the very first page. A self-proclaimed "Worst Monster" who sets the plot in motion by whisking away our young Hero (the latest of those with that title that he has taken in an attempt to save his world) he has been around for an indescribably long time[16], and would hope to stay that way.

Story Edit

Pre-comic Edit

RGB's past, like much set before the events of the comic, is mostly a mystery. We do know, however, that he had died[17] at some point in the past, implying he may have once been human. Likely an actor. He has had some unknown bad experience relating to irons.

Later, in his current form, he's taken up the job of recruiting heroes to save the world he occupies. This has failed on multiple occasions, and past attempts include most solid characters encountered so far.[18] He has been arrested for "stealing keys" at least once before.[19]

In-comic Edit

He begins the story with a question, the oft-quoted "I say... Would you like to be a Hero?". When The Hero agrees, he leads her to The World of Make Believe, and from there to a place to rest for the night. He wakes up to find his screen scribbled on, and remarks about his distaste in working for children.

Specific traits Edit

Negative Edit


RGB undergoing a change

RGB possesses an alternate personality and form, a sort of Hyde to his usual Jekyll. So far, Negative has appeared, or threatened to appear,[20] only under the influence of tears.[21] Fan speculation and certain Modmad posts suggest this may be extended to only if is "killed" in any sense, including water damage. Generally referred to as "Negative" RGB due to his (static greyscale) inverted colors, introductory chapter, seemingly "flipped" personality, and of course, word of Mod. He was first introduced officially in Chapter 6, though the idea of him had been a core part of the character since the beginning.[22]

Though the effect seems to wear off with time[23], and can be ended simply by changing the channel,[24] RGB in this state is incredibly powerful, and incredibly dangerous. He is a skilled and brutal fighter, and does not possess the instinct to run away that his counterpart does. He has been shown too, to weaponize surrounding creatures such as Fears in order to gain an advantage.

The appearance of Negative also seems to be followed by blue and gold flowers, which explode when he reverts back to his usual form. The vines these flowers grow on, however, remain for days at least, are inedible by creatures such as Ideas[25], and cannot be erased by the sands outside The Forest of Wisdom, which seems to indicate that they are not made of normal "Stuff". His second appearance shows he has some control over these plants, which can also be used protectively.[26]

His primary self is not currently aware of the duality.[27]

Color bleed Edit

The colors that drip from the front of his screen are not, as it may seem, merely candylike drool. The fluid is more bloodlike, since it is something apparently common to all characters as well as Trees, as it is actually the form that the personality-defining emotion that is the requirement of all characters takes when it is raw.[28] Each color corresponds to a specific emotion, with yellow=fear, blue=sadness, green=happiness, purple=curiosity, and red=anger.[29][30][31] It is assumed that such a "life-force" behind living characters ought to generally stay inside of their bodies, making RGB another peculiarity, who can touch such a material without harm the harm it might do to someone like Hero.[32] The "color bleed" pun was entirely deliberate on ModMad's part.[33]

Television Edit

RGB's head not only looks like an old television set, it also functions as one. However, if he is being used as a television, he loses awareness of himself for that period of time, incapable of being anything other than a television. He is, however, aware of what is being played on his screen.[34]

The upper white dial changes the channel, and serves to switch him into "tv mode". The lower black dial adjusts the set's volume, and can be used to adjust RGB's voice even when conscious. The bottom white panel contains brightness and contrast sliders, which can also be used by RGB without losing awareness. The black square above the panel is currently, however, a mystery, and one RGB clearly does not wish to divulge. It's possible that it may be a power button, or remote receiver.

Dreams Edit

Whereas dreams within the world of the comic appear to be healing for most of its' inhabitants, RGB has been seen to experience horrific nightmares when exposed to them, typically consisting of his demise by means of black-and-white era film stunts gone wrong (in order: "Steamboat Bill Jr" (Buster Keaton, 1928), "Safety Last" (Harold Lloyd, 1923), "Modern Times" (Charlie Chaplain, 1936), "Sherlock Jr" (1924, Keaton), "One Week" (1920, Keaton), "The General" (1926, Keaton)). He is typically very unfazed by these, remarking that they are "not how he died".[35][36] The only dream known to actually disturb him during it was one relating to being faced with an ironing board.[37]

Personality Edit

Though he appears to be classy and sophisticated, it is only a facade.[38] A coward, a sham artist, and a stubborn believer that the world can be saved. A bit cheesy, and an entertainer at heart who can too easily be provoked to dance,[39] yet prefers to keep his personal space. He also falls in love altogether too easily,[40]

His actions and motives are largely unknown, but he is described by Hero as "Neutral" when she is asked whether she considers him to be good or evil.[41]

Likes Edit

Puns, but only if he is the one making them. Rooibos tea, if he were able to drink it.[42] Dogs, he's had better experiences with them than cats.[43] Mary Poppins, who he has imitated on several counts.[44] Given the choice between ice skating or rollerblading, he would choose rollerblading.[45] In school, he'd have enjoyed Phys Ed and English the most.[46]

Dislikes Edit

A not unreasonable fear of water, due to having an electrical appliance for a head.[47] Cats are also not something he cares for, since their fur will cling to his screen and he had had a bad experience with one while attempting to recruit another hero.[48][49] In school, he'd have hated Math and Economics, and done terribly in French and Latin.[46]


Default form Edit

RGB takes the appearance of an old 80's style television set suspended in the air above a similarly disembodied suit. The television serves as his head for all intents and purposes, with the screen providing a face and the color test bars an expressive mouth, by either bending to a smile or scowl, or dripping the color best corresponding to his current emotion. His antennas will also move and change with his mood, and are extremely sensitive.[50] His hands are gloves, and his feet are shoes with spats built in. The collar of his shirt is turned up due to the static from the television, which amusingly, gives it the appearance of a satellite dish. He couldn't change this even if he wanted to.[51] The static also gives him the overall smell of pennies and ozone.[52]

RGB stands at 5'5" tall[53], with a lean and athletic figure[54] based on that of an ice skater, to which his suit is both well fit and entirely comprises (though both his pants and the sleeves of his shirt are rolled up for being too long). He is able to change the color of his outfit both willingly and accidentally, allowing him to camouflage or adjust brightness as needed or when startled or hurt. His outfits are typically very bright, though the whole suit as well as his hat will always match. He has had a total of 6 distinct outfits so far, including Negative's. A seventh[55] has as of yet not shown up in the comic. The most recent chapter of the comic looks as though wooden horseshoes nailed to his feet will become, at least a temporary, addition to his wardrobe ensemble.

Additionally, he carries a bamboo cane that he can summon with a snap of his fingers, a property which he will often creatively and effectively utilize. It does not appear as though anyone else save for himself (in either state) can use it in this way. His boater hat has a more inconsistent sort of loyalty, staying on his head in all situations save for the plot-relevant or comedic. Handkerchiefs are rarely not found on his person[56].

It is of interest to note that, like Hero, he does not wear socks. It's been suggested[57] that this may be due in part by the current form of a previous Hero.

He is also indelible, meaning he is incapable of significant changes to this form.[58][59]

Negative Edit

His usual vibrant colors turn into dark static when in this state. The "mouth" of color bars becomes a single, large "eye", and the colors that usually drip from the screen are also not only changed in color, but inverted in direction. His channel and volume controls are also turned horizontal, rather than diagonal, invoking both the image of a minus symbol and giving him a less jaunty look.[60] It is popular for him to be shown with his cane with the Fear head attached, making it look like a scythe.

The general rule of thumb for Negative's appearance is simply: "make it more 'no'".

Human Edit

Humantime RGB

a profile of an early human!RGB

RGB's human self is one of dubious canon,[61] considering he was apparently once someone alive.

The earliest designs featured multicolored wavy hair, matching the bars on his usual screen, and deliberately handsome features such as hazel eyes.[62] He's been described as looking like a cross between David Bowie and Buster Keaton,[63] and use of facemorphing has confirmed this.[64] More recently, the technicolor hair been drawn as simply blond, strengthening the Dorian Gray type similarities.[65] His palette switches accordingly if drawn as humanized Negative.

He is, on rare occasion, drawn with freckles.[66]
RGB dialogue

a typical speech bubble belonging to RGB

Dialogue Edit

His speech bubbles are rectangular and white, connected by thin, looping white line. He uses the same font as Hero, which is Digital Strip.[67]

Mod's headcanon voice for him is a cross between Patrick Magoohan and Colin Firth.[68][69] She's also liked the idea of him sounding like John Cleese[70]. Either way, he has a very proper sounding Received Pronunciation English accent.[71]

Skills Edit

As a jack of all trades entertainer, RGB has a handful of bardic skills. He is musically talented, with both a good singing voice[72] and proficiency at ukulele.[73] He can also dance, with confirmed styles including tap dancing.[74] He's also a skilled chess[75] and poker[75] player, but rarely plays the latter after once being caught using magic tricks to cheat.[76] Despite his design influences, he is more adept at rollerblading than ice skating.[45]

Trivia Edit

  • The way which RGB carries Hero (which is to say, poorly) is not actually careless, and would actually be correct if Hero were a stuffed animal.[77] Unfortunately, Hero is in fact a human child.
  • When asked about her characters' Hogwarts houses, Mod portrayed RGB as a Slytherin.[78][79]
  • If he were an animal, he would be a coyote[80] or a red fox.
  • If he were a pokemon, he might be a Girafarig.[81]
  • Out of the three new Pokemon Sun and Moon starters, he'd pick Popplio.[82]
  • RGB was originally created as a shadow persona,[83][84] and an amalgam of all the qualities Sarah Jolley considered to be her worst. He however quickly developed a life and story of his own.[85]
  • The original concept sketch. Truly a work of art.
  • His character was, in part, influenced by the Donald Duck comic character Gladstone Gander.[86][87]
  • The current colors of this wiki correspond to his current suit colors

Theories Edit

For analysis and speculation, see RGB/Dreaming

References Edit

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