Melody was a traveling companion of RGB and Hero for a short time, first introduced in Chapter 8 ("Beat") of the comic. She is the wife of Julienne.

Story Edit

Long before the rooftops of Manchester, Melody was once one of RGB's attempts at recruiting a Hero.[2]

Melody first appeared in-comic to respond to her wife, Julienne, who was calling out for help after being trapped in a web of ______. Melody responded by sounding an intense Forte note, which freed Julienne and RGB, but was then blown back by Assok, who repeated the sound at four times the volume.

Everyone now quite shaken, she agrees to simply talk things through, and is then caught up on the story. She returns RGB's hat, glares imposingly at RGB at his suggestion of removing the ball and chain Hero had tied to his leg, and then agrees to travel with our protagonists to the Market, allowing Julienne and Hero to ride on her back.

Julienne and Melody were shortly after forcibly cut from the comic by Hate, and by refusing to change herself was trapped outside of the narrative, and inside of a covered birdcage along with Julienne. When the sheet was removed from the cage, neither character was present inside. It's implied by Dial that they were transported to a different part of the world/story.[3]

Personality Edit

Melody is a cheerful, friendly and funny type of person. Described as "an all round great person like seriously the best", she's also very good at diffusing tense situations.[4] Though seems to contrast her intimidating introduction it actually takes an awful lot to upset her, the safety of Julienne being one of the things that can.[5]

Appearance Edit

In-comic Edit

Melody is a monster made of numerous different instruments, together in the shape of a stocky animal such as a gorilla or buffalo. Mod drew a breakdown of her construction, listing a celtic harp for her body, djembes and french horns for her back feet, tubas and cymbals for her front feet, triangles as the shoulderblades, a squeezebox and zill for her neck, a lyre-guitar for a head, a tambourine for eyebrows, a panpipe for teeth, with a vibraslap and agogo on top of her head.


Human Edit

As a human, Melody is a 28-year-old[6] musician from Peru.[7] She is well-versed in over twenty instruments, though wind and percussion instruments are her favorites. Her human height is much less than her comic counterpart, standing at 4'9".[4]

Dialogue Edit

Melody's speech bubbles are perfect circles, colored a bright golden yellow (which was seen to be paler as she was cut from the comic page). She speaks exclusively in music notation, which sometimes does not stay within the dialogue bubble.

Trivia Edit

  • Melody's name was originally "Doot" while Mod was still figuring her out. This is now the author's headcanon surname for the character.[8]
  • Her Hogwarts house would be Hufflepuff.[9]

References Edit

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