Magnus is a prism object-head created by tumblr user 0chromat,[3] as a witchsona for himself[4], who eventually became a character in his own right.[5] After this character was first created, many fans began to ship him with RGB, nicknaming the relationship "Light Entertainment". This culminated in an art exchange between Modmad[6] and 0chromat[7] exploring the two's history, which was eventually greenlighted as canon.[8] Their relationship was broken by RGB preemptively, when it became apparent Magnus would soon disappear into his own story and away from the world of the comic. He seems to have become indelible since they last met.[9]

Magnus first briefly cameos on the bottom of a page in Chapter 11. He then returns for a speaking role from pages page 295-301, saving RGB and Hero from being killed by Click, and assists the Market denizens in throwing said toy soldier into the sea. Afterwards, he walks off into the Market, and it is unknown whether or not he will reappear.

Story Edit

Pre-comic Edit

After breaking up with RGB, he wandered the world for new experiences.[10]

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Post-Comic Edit

It is anticipated that Magnus will receive some sort of story of his own from 0chromat,[11] possibly as a standalone comic, but this has not occurred yet. Presumably, until he does, he will remain in the Market.

Personality Edit

optimistic, level-headed, eloquent, and patient, keeping a strict balance between extroverted/introverted (can be loud/quiet when appropriate). The transparency and temperature of his prism head is an indicator of his present demeanor.

Magnus has been described as a calm, level optimist, not quite introverted or extroverted. Despite being a magician of considerable ability, he tends to focus more on other people. The opacity and temperature of his head indicates his current mood.[12]

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It's been noted by the creator that the character's appearance was a reference to optical physics, rather than a certain well-known Pink Floyd album.[13]

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Human Edit


he's still a floaty fellow, even when he's not a magical prism head

As a human, Magnus is depicted with his usual attire, plus white hair/goatee and amber eyes, with a patch over the rightmost one. This is mostly cosmetic, though he is farsighted in one eye and nearsighted in the other, and he uses the patch to focus on one thing at a time.[14][15] He's young, between 21-25, and of Chinese nationality.[16] As a human, he is more of a scientist supervillain than a magician.[17] This form "died" before he was able to become his usual self.[18]

Trivia Edit

  • He keeps 3 birds, who roam freely yet visit frequently. A bluebird, a canary, and a summer tanager.[19]

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