"You're going to bleed me dry one day..." - RGB
"Don't tempt me." - Madras
Madrasojo (nicknamed Madras) is dimension-traveling[5] merchant cyclops and guest character, who, in the course of The Property of Hate, is the proprietor of The House of Paint.

Personality Edit

Madras is not one who you would call "kind". Her creator has described her as bitter and sarcastic, enjoying of conflict, and not one to care for romance.[6] Her motivations are usually herself, and her profit margin, and does not frequently act if she has nothing to gain from the action.[7] If she were to become enraged, she would morph into an unrecognizable creature.[8] Her passive-aggressiveness, sarcasm, and teasing gives her few to no true friends.[9]

Appearance Edit

Madras is a petite cyclops, sporting short pink hair and a peach-colored plaid sweater, the stripes of which are a constant pattern no matter how she moves. She has mild shapeshifting capacities, and will re-style herself to fit in with her environment.[5]

Eye Edit

Her eye is the core of her being, which oozes constantly, and will do so even more if she is agitated.[8] She has to drink a lot of fluid to counteract it's effects, though she does not require any sustenance otherwise.[10] Her character's nature as "conjunctivitis" is an unpleasant one, oozing aside, she also usually maintains a low-grade fever.[11] Despite this, if she were to lose the eye, she would die, the disease being her identity. If the eye were removed yet remained intact, she could regenerate over time.[12] Fortunately for her, destroying it outright would be very difficult to accomplish.[9]


  • She owns a tongue-eared dog named "Buckley", who has never appeared in-comic.[9][13]
  • ModMad has implied that Madras and RGB are in a relationship, though it isn't expanded upon in the comic. On their blog they have drawn numerous pictures showing the two in a more romantic setting, and the ship is called Eyetenna.

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