"Powerful things are not bad, but they have the potential to be, especially if used wrongly."

Julienne was a traveling companion for a short time of RGB and Hero, first introduced in Chapter 8 ("Beat") of the comic.

Story Edit

Before the events of the comic, Julienne was once one of RGB's Heroes.[2]

Julienne first appears after the sun was restored to the sky, physically and verbally attacking RGB, blaming him for this development saying "You would have it burn twice?!"

She was unaware of the _____ that RGB had been turning into string, and as the two struggled they became hopelessly entangled in the material, Julienne believing that this was also intentionally his doing. She notices Hero, and declares that she will end RGB's story here and now in order to prevent further suffering. She is quickly pacified by Hero's friendliness, and the realization that RGB had been outwitted by a child rather than their current situation being one of his schemes. She then attempts to fly away, but still tangled in string and tied to RGB, she collapses back to the ground. Distressed, she calls for Melody, who untangles them with a loud Forte note. Assok, irritated, blasts the couple back with a note four times louder.

Everyone now quite shaken, she agrees to simply talk things through, and is then caught up on the story. She agrees to travel with our protagonists to the Market, and be threatening enough that RGB will not remove the "ball and chain" Hero had tied to his leg. As they enter the forest, she offers Hero some of her chocolate, which the former discovers is bitter. They then discuss what flavors other members of the party might be, until Hero, suddenly unnerved, decides to walk ahead with RGB.

Julienne and Melody were forcibly cut[3] from the comic by Hate, and by refusing to change herself is now trapped outside of the narrative, and inside of a covered birdcage along with Melody. When the sheet was removed from the cage, neither character was present inside. It's implied by Dial that they were transported to a different part of the world/story.[4]

Personality Edit

Julienne is strong-willed and feisty, never backing down from a fight, and capable of "wrecking your shit and looking great while doing it". She can come off as scary but is a good-hearted person. She adores cute things.[5]

Appearance Edit

In-comic Edit

Julienne is a monster resembling a pink flamingo made entirely of sweets. Her body is made of chocolate, her wings and feathers cotton candy (candyfloss), and the ribbons that make up her legs and neck are "made of a sort of a hybrid between strawberry laces and fruit-by-the-foot".[6] Her head and feet are culinary knives, which are also dark chocolate.[7]


Human Edit

As a human, Julienne is a 22-year-old, 6'1", recently graduated ballet dancer originally from the Ivory Coast,[8] but having moved to New York (presumably for dance studies).[5]

Dialogue Edit

Her speech bubbles are a base layer of rectangular dark red, and a jagged uppoer layer of dark brown. Mod considers her voice to be "chocolatey"[9] and having a French accent.[10]

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Julienne" is in fact a reference to "Julliard", a renowned school of dance[11]
  • "Julienne" is also a name for a specific kind of knife cut, which is likely another reference as Julienne's own head and feet are knives. It is also known as a "french cut".
  • The Ivory Coast used to be known as the "Cote des Dents", and currently produces much of the world's cocoa. The fact that Julienne is made of chocolate and other candy is a deliberate nod to this.[12]
  • Her Hogwarts house would be Ravenclaw.[13] (go figure, she's a very stabby bird)

References Edit

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