"Is the fearmongering business going well?"
"As well as yours, I figure..."

Hobby is a merchant in the Black Market, specializing in the sale of Fear remains. He was first introduced in Chapter 14 ("Click") of the comic. He was originally meant to be a simple background character, but soon developed the need for a personality and lines.[1]

He is a longtime resident of the market, resigned that he is unlikely to ever leave, but is a welcome and familiar face because of it. He has worked in many different trades, but currently sells the powdered remnants of Fears, due to the fact he is one of the few residents able to safely handle the material.

Personality Edit

Hobby is generally dour, but is also very friendly and mellow. He doesn't generally mind when other characters of the Market occasionally tie his reins to things while he is distracted.

Appearance Edit

Hobby is, as one would guess, a hobby-horse based character. He wears white gloves, and wears his reins as though they were a scarf, often looping them around his handles so they aren't an annoyance.

His speech bubbles are orange, rugged, and angular.

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