"You. Are. The. Hero! You are not anything or anyone else!" - RGB
The Hero is the 8-and-a-bit-year old (or according to Modmad's later posts, 6yo)[15]female protagonist of The Property of Hate, whose only known name is that of her role in the story, which begins as she accepts RGB's offer to play a part in it.

Story Edit

Pre-comic Edit

Before venturing to save a world of dreams and monsters, Hero lived a happy normal life in Manchester[16] with her mother and father, and her two guinea pigs "Bubble" and "Squeak".[17] Before being approached by RGB, she had also drawn two pictures that can be seen taped to her bedroom wall, strongly resembling The House of Paint[18] and the Idea.[19]

In-comic Edit

The story begins as RGB wakes her up with the question "Would you like to be a Hero?"

Name Edit

Throughout the comic and in all of the author's posts, Hero is referred to only as "Hero". This is not her real name, which it is implied she forsook at the beginning of the comic. RGB's world operates by people being "what" they are, rather than "who", and since our Hero is a hero, that becomes her name. None of this was revealed until Chapter 5, where a very distressed Hero is prompted to realize she can no longer remember who she was before.

Schism Edit

In Chapter 2, Hero was impaled through the chest by a Fear. She survived because she wasn't scared, but still had to recover through use of dreams at The House of Paint, which appeared to fix the hole that was left.

Later, in Chapter 7, as Hero and RGB argued as they chased each other around the tree, the fissure re-opened, which allowed her to survive falling on a branch shortly after. Her own dreams helped heal her once again.

The schism is next seen in Chapter 9, re-opened after Julienne and Melody are cut from the comic page. The Butterfly comes to land on it as she comes to question RGB and his motives, but the insect is quickly repelled by her decision to trust those who trust RGB.

The Fool

The butterfly may have been trying to replace her heart, the same way the Light was deceived and taken.

Personality Edit

Creative, curious, friendly, and brave. But mostly, she just wants to go home.

Appearance Edit

In-comic Edit

Hero is, so far, the only human shown on-panel in TPoH. She's a small half-Indian child, with large dark-brown eyes[20] and short, fluffy brown hair (the androgynous hairstyle frequently makes her gender a surprise to new readers). She has one small scar of which she is very proud.[21]

She begins her journey with an orange shirt and pajama bottoms, with a red coat worn overtop and a pair of green gumboots.


Enthusiastic clothes-shopping with Cell

Her coat was later lost in Chapter 6, consumed by Doubts in The Plains of Hesitation. Upon reaching the Market, she replaces it with a pink and maroon sweater. She also adds a pair of green shorts over the pajama bottoms, and temporarily trades her boots for a pair of wooden clogs. Before leaving Cell's emporium, she also trades one finger off each hand to pay for the construction of a mobility device for Assok, presumably a robot mech. It is only until chapters later[22] that her toon-fingered hands are revealed underneath the sweater-sleeves.

She would not be opposed to a dress or skirt, provided it did not impede her movement.[23]

Grown Up Edit

Adult!Hero is currently, and unlikely to ever be, canon. That said, Mod has drawn her so on several occasions. She retains her short hair and gumboots (drawn as red rather than green), wears a green coat, and is often seen with gardening equipment. Mod has also stated she would have grown up to consider herself non-binary, and could still become so in the comic's timeline.[24]

One of Hero's dialogue bubbles

Dialogue Edit

Her speech bubbles are round in shape, and a dull pastel yellow orange in color. The text used is the same font used for RGB.

Past Heroes Edit

She is not the first hero. Assok, TOby, Dial, Tinker, Tailor, Julienne, Melody, Click, and perhaps more were all brought into the story by RGB to be the Hero, permanently severing them from their homes.

Trivia Edit

  • Hero was originally meant to be eight-and-a-bit years old at the time of the story.[25][26] This plus her birth year, means that the real-world portion of the comic took place in 2004.[27][28]
  • Alternately, the author has begun to think that perhaps she might actually be better suited as six years old[29], which would place the real world portion of the comic in the year 2002.
  • Her mother got her into enjoying puzzles,[30] and her father got her into enjoying games.[30]
  • She smells like grass cuttings[31]
  • Some of Hero's favorite characters include: Link, Luigi, Snufkin and Kermit[32][33][30]
    • These are confirmed to be partly because of her favorite color, and because she liked underdog characters.[34]
  • Her favorite color is green[33]
  • Her favorite game is Wind Waker,[35] she also likes Professor Layton games and anything with Luigi[30]
  • She would definitely like Steven Universe[36]
  • If she were to choose a starter from Pokemon Sun and Moon, she would choose Rowlet[37]
  • If she were a Pokemon she would be a Rattata[38]
  • Her favorite pokemon is Scyther[39]
  • Along with bugs, she also likes dinosaurs, with her favorite being the Triceratops.[40]
  • She's a Hufflepuff[41]
  • Her design was inspired by stuffed animals,[42][43] which factors in to the way which RGB (fails to) carries her.[44]
  • She can make owl hoots with her hands[45]

Theories Edit

For non-canon theories and analysis, see Hero/Dreaming

References Edit

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