"Well, it's been a blast, fellas, but it's gettin' late. Maybe I'll tune in later!"
Dial is a radio-microphone-headed monster first appearing in Chapter 4 of the comic, on page 62.

He is the cousin of RGB, and possible agent of Hate.

Story Edit

Dial's story up until the point where we meet him in-comic is unknown. However, we do know that he was once a former Hero[1], and if we take that he is in fact a "relative" of RGB, this implies he may have once been a living human. Likely a radio host. Certain sketches imply he died sometime after his cousin.[2]

We first meet Dial on the road, as dusk approaches. He enthusiastically greets RGB and Hero, picking up the latter and declaring her a "prize fighter this time round". He then inquires into RGB's latest plans, and predicts that those never end anywhere but trouble. The group then goes their separate ways.

We next see Dial reacting to the newly-restored sun in the sky with a sense of bewilderment.

Some time later, as Hero and RGB make their way through the Marketplace, Dial approaches TOby, who had been knocked down at his post by a gust of wind. After a short guessing-game and ramble on the subject of new scenery, he reveals he's been sent by "Her" to relocate TOby. He offers the ragdoll the opportunity to stay up on the bookshelf, on the condition that he "gives up". TOby refuses, and Dial drops him into the unknown abyss below, telling him to "Say howdy to the ferryman for me!".

Appearance Edit

In-comic Edit

Dial is a tall, skinny monster, made mainly of metal, and possessing an old-time radio microphone for a head. He wears ragged jeans, untied red sneakers, a gold chain and pendant, a green jacket, and a red glove on his right hand.


Human Edit

As always, the human designs for the comic's characters are of debatable canon, however, as Dial is a relative of RGB it is possible that he may have once been alive.

As a human, dial features the same physical build and fashion sense as his monster counterpart, with the addition of red[3] wavy hair (roughly the same length and texture as his cousin's) and large square glasses. He's often depicted with a lit cigarette, and appears to be a radio host.

Dialogue Edit

His speech bubbles are pinkish, and blocky. His voice, according to Mod, is like Robin Williams performing an exaggerated Southern American accent[4][5][6]

Trivia Edit

  • Mod has had a few difficulties with keeping his glove on the correct hand. In several pages, and old versions of pages, Dial can be seen wearing it on his left rather than his right.[7][8][9]
  • His Hogwarts house would be Griffindor[10]

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