RGB returns to Hero after realizing his mistake, and the two find themselves surrounded by hostile creatures. RGB is seemingly drowned, but then re-awakens much, much different. He kills or drives away everything that had posed a threat, before turning to Hero and collapsing from Technical Difficulties. Hero spies a tree in the distance, and drags him to safety.

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RGB comes back to his senses, finding the Doubt that had latched itself to him, and runs fearfully back for Hero, who has fallen victim to a whole pile of Doubts and is now unconscious. He arrives in time to pull them off of her, but finds himself surrounded by emerging Fears. He prepares to have to fight them, but is startled by an arriving Grief. Outmatched, begins to run, carrying Hero with him, but he trips over a Doubt and is punched by the Grief when he gets back to his feet. Exhausted and injured, he's helpless as the Grief begins to pour water down on him, only able to frantically bargain with it as though bargaining with Hero, before his circuits short and his screen goes dark.

He awakens wearing a greyscale and static-patterned suit, with his usual color-bar face replaced with a singular eye that drips a black substance upside down. Gold vines with blue flowers have grown up around him. He snaps the head off an approaching fear, and Hero awakens to watch in horror as he viciously fights off the creatures, capturing another Fear's head on the end of his cane for an extra blade. He discards his weapons and stares down the Grief, which backs away without any additional convincing. He rounds on Hero before beginning to flicker, appearing as his normal self again for just a moment before collapsing, covered in error messages as the flowers explode. Hero finds that something is wrong with her coat, which breaks apart into Doubts when she discards it. She checks up on the unconscious RGB, and determines that they need to leave the Plains. She begins to drag him, with a little difficulty, towards a tree in the distance.

Trivia Edit

  • Aside from Chapter 14: Click, this is the only chapter whose namesake is shared with a character, "Negative" being the generally accepted name for RGB's alternate form.

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