In which Hero gets carried away by an idea, and an argument springs between her and her guide that separates them in their journey. We are also introduced to Ideas, and the specific Idea which appears later in the story.

In-Depth Summary Edit

RGB awakens from his nightmare to discover that, while he's been sleeping, Hero has found an Idea. He warns her of the danger of the creature, trying to get her to leave it, but Hero refuses and grows angry with him, visibly distorting as she does so. When she tries to run, he uses his cane to re-capture her, and the two of them flee from the Idea in pursuit. Faced with no way to get rid of it except the hope that it gets distracted, Hero turns on RGB's screen and uses it to show infomercials to the dog. It's color stagnates, and it collapses to the ground, uninspired and bored to tears. Hero laments that she had thought it was a good idea, and RGB mentions that it may indeed have been, causing her to be conflicted about what's happened.

As RGB's back is turned, The Butterfly returns and reminds Hero of her promise to be wise, and that this journey is not his, but hers. As the two then journey on, Hero becomes more and more despondent, lagging behind RGB until he can no longer ignore how upset she's become as they arrive in The Plains of Hesitation. She asks where he's brought her, and why, and finally decides she wants to go home as RGB stammers a non-answer to the former two questions. He flatly explains that she cannot because she is no longer herself, causing her to argue with him and declare that "I'm me!". This prompts RGB to ask if she remembers what her name was, and she struggles before realizing that she does not, sinking down to the ground in despair. When he tries to urge her to carry on, she snaps, declaring that she hates him for his riddles and cruelty and wants him to leave. RGB obliges, frustrated with her lack of cooperation and no longer caring about what happens to her now. He gripes to himself as he storms away, coming to the conclusion that he does not need her, or anyone else, and that perhaps his mission isn't worthwhile anymore. At the last point, he stops in his tracks, realizing something has gone horribly wrong.

Trivia Edit

  • RGB's suit color in this chapter is a shout-out to the costume of the Fifth Doctor.[3]
  • Some channels which Hero flicks through on RGB's screen have actual shows on them, including:
    • "And now for something completely different" from Monty Python
    • "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" from the 1939 film Gone with the Wind 

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