RGB wakes and cleans off the prank Hero left on his face. He's explaining to her about some of the creatures in the world -such as Lies and Doubts- when they are attacked by Fears. They fight, and both RGB and Hero are stabbed through the chest, but are saved when Hero falls on a vial and crushes it. The contents of the vial disintegrate the Fears, and RGB is left to carry a paralysed Hero towards the House of Paint to seek help from Madras.

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The next morning, RGB awakens, annoyed, to find Hero has drawn on his screen and then wandered off. She returns, to his mild surprise, and presents him with a creature she found, which he identifies as a lie. She continues to ask questions about the nearby creatures, such as Doubts, until she identifies several Fears out in the lake. Upon recognizing these, RGB gets up and retrieves his jacket, urging Hero to run as the Fears begin persuing them. RGB destroys one by opening a vial containing a nightmare, and is then caught by another while Hero only narrowly escapes the same situation. He begs for help, but Hero continues to run, and the Fear spears him and begins to drag him to the shore of the lake. Hero, realizing the danger, tries to help by throwing a Doubt at one of the Fears, but the squishy creature is simply sliced in half by the sharp Fear. RGB tells her to retrieve his last vial, dropped some distance from himself, but Hero too is speared before she can do anything. She drops to her knees, crushing said vial as all the Fears have gathered around her, vaporizing all of them as she curls up in a ball.

RGB, now freed, congratulates her before realizing what's happened. He debates what to do for a minute, before picking her up and taking her to The House of Paint, reasoning that starting over with a new Hero would be more difficult than helping her this once. He greets Madras at the front door, and enters the House of Paint.

Trivia Edit

  • When RGB says "We split we split we split"[3] he is quoting Shakespeare's The Tempest, specifically the scene where the ship is falling apart and sinking. Translated into modern speech, it becomes 'We're breaking up', a common term used in broadcasting when the signal is lost.

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