A child wakes to find a television-headed man in her room asking her if she wants to be a hero. She agrees, following him up a smoke staircase into the clouds and through a doorway. They find themselves in another world, where the girl quickly grows tired and the pair settle by a lake to sleep for the night. When the girl wakes she receives warning from a mysterious butterfly to be wise, and the butterfly flies off before RGB can wake.

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The story starts in Manchester, UK,[1] where a child wakes up in the middle of the night to find a television-headed man crouching on her chest of drawers. The man, RGB, invites her to be a hero and she agrees.

Together they climb to the rooftops of the building and ascend a staircase of smoke, which takes them to a land in the clouds filled with doorways. RGB formally introduces himself and produces a key to one of the doors, allowing Hero through into the world of the comic.

Immediately, Hero nearly collapses of exhaustion, and remarks that she shouldn't be so tired as it it only morning. RGB explains that it is nighttime in this world, and beckons her to follow him until they reach The Pool of Tears, where they rest for the night.

Hero awakens to find a butterfly perched on a nearby plant. It asks her whether or not she trusts RGB, to which she shakes her head. It also asks her to be wise, before flying away.

Hero approaches the sleeping RGB and reaches out towards his screen.

Trivia Edit

  • The drawings seen on Hero's wall on page 2[2] are similar to the floating steps leading up to the House of Paint and to when Hero rode the Idea

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