"Want me gone? Ha! The day I leave will be the day the sea falls!" -Cell
Miss Cell-Any (mostly referred to as simply "Cell") is the proprietor of Miss Cell-Any's Emporium, within the Marketplace. She first appears in Chapter 12 on page 212.

Appearance Edit

In-comic Edit

Cell is a monster with the appearance of a gigantic, pastel-multicolored hedgehog. Stuck to her quills are numerous patches of similarly-colored fabrics, and she is seen wearing round glasses. She was designed to feel "...enormous, greedy, judgmental and sadistic while still being mostly like an overbearing grandmother"[2]

Human Edit

So far we have received no official design for Cell as a human, however, we do know that she would be old.[3]

Dialogue Edit

Her speech bubbles are purple with jagged edges, with quills protruding from it. Mod has also stated she likes to imagine her with a Russian accent.

Trivia Edit

  • Cell's original design had her spines covered by a large duvet at all times, but this was changed into the quiltlike patches of fabric that would stick to her as she moved.[4]
  • Her Hogwarts house would be Slytherin[5]

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