"snicetoo meetyew!"
Assok was a friendly traveling companion of RGB and The Hero, first appearing at the beginning of Chapter 7 ("P.O.V.") of the comic, where they come to visit a distressed Hero.

Appearance Edit

Assok is, as their name implies, a small yellow-green sock resembling a hand puppet. They've been described by Hero as "kinda warm" when held.[4]

Their speech bubbles are a cloudy amalgam of the speech bubbles of others, whose words they are currently using. Assok's speech is, similarly, meant to sound a little like the person who originally said the word, and the way in which they said it, but with dynamics such as the pitch and speed altered however they so please, like an altered sound recording.[5]

Background/Story Edit

Assok was once another Hero whom RGB had lost.[6] It is heavily implied that Assok was RGB's previous[7] attempt, made sometime after Click.[8] How they came to be a sock is unknown, but in the process they lost a part of their identity, being described by RGB as "empty", and without voice.[9]

Some unknown amount of time later, they played a very important role in the restoration of the tree in the wasteland. Being small enough to fit in the cracks in the ground, they ate away at the _____ so it would not smother the surviving roots.[10] They encountered Hero and RGB at the tree, and relayed messages between the two as Hero hid up in the branches. They later served to end the argument between the two, which had degraded into simple insults, by mixing phrases into new words such as "blighterpoop", causing our protagonists to simply burst out laughing.

They tagged along for the next several chapters, helping with things such as breaking the tether that kept the sun/tree from floating off, and stopping another argument at the arrival of Julienne and Melody. In the Black Market, Assok began to feel overwhelmed and saddened by their limited size and shape. Hero made a deal with Cell for Tinker to build Assok an external mobility device, at the cost of one finger from each of her hands. Assok, waiting for the project to be finished, remained in the Black Market while our protagonists moved on to another area, but is expected to return at a later date. Meanwhile, Assok has happily made a polaroid camera-headed friend that is documenting their current whereabouts.[11]

Trivia Edit

  • A real-life version of Assok exists, and is in the possession of our very own Sarah Jolley, given to her by tumblr user "rusharound".[12][13]
  • For a short time after their introduction, the fanbase was convinced that Assok was a dangerous creature, concerned about their vocal-mimicking tendencies and the fact that in this world, nothing is as it seems.[14][15] Assok was later debunked by Mod to be harmless.[16]
  • Kermit The Frog was a mild design influence in Assok, particularly for the more puppety expressions.[17]
  • Assok actually did frighten Melody during their initial confrontation.[18]
  • Assok's Hogwarts house would be Gryffindor, with Hufflepuff in at a very close second.[19]

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